My Project Analysis

We are group of professionals from different Industry verticals, working on the Business side of IT Projects focusing on Project Analysis throughout PLC and pursuing our career in Client Business Development.

Motive of this blog is to share our experiences from IT & Non-IT prospective and assisting folks who are trying to step into the Project Management World or into theIT World.

From these published articles, IT folksBusiness Analysts &/or Project Managers should able to analyze utilization of techniques & if you have any questions to analyze the Project or required advise on career, you can post your questions in comment section or via Facebook; any of our Mentor will try to assist you within 24 hrs.

Philosophy behind the domain name; as website contains articles from different people from their project experiences, we have named as

Upon request, trainings are also provided from Certified Professionals, for those who aspire to change their careers from IT to Business Analysis or Project Management or Vice Versa. Candidates can join our training programs to get the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their profession.

If you are interested to share your experiences (Good or Bad) by posting an article to all our Fans, you are most welcome, all you need to do is, submit an article with not more than 300 words which will be reviewed by our professional and be published online.

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