Scrum Master Role

Course Content

General Knowledge

Scrum Foundations

  1. Empirical and defined processes
  2. Sprint
  3. The Significance of “Done”
  4. The Five Scrum Values
  5. Applicability of Scrum

Scrum Roles

  1. Overview of Scrum Roles
  2. ScrumMaster Responsibilities
  3. ScrumMaster Authority
  4. Product Owner
  5. The Team

Scrum Meetings

  1. Sprint Planning Meeting
  2. Daily Scrum Meeting
  3. Sprint Review Meeting
  4. Sprint Retrospective Meeting
  5. Release Planning Meeting

Scrum Artifacts    

  1. Product Backlog
  2. Product Increment and the Definition of Done
  3. Sprint Backlog
  4. Burndown Charts
  5. Scaling Scrum

During this you will learn about:

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